Coincidentally: Ramsay and Mann

By now you know my visual guidestick: Two's a coincidence, three's a trend. Here we have a coincidence, all the more striking because the galleries are around the corner from one another in the same building and on the same floor.
In several key pieces in their shows, Debra Ramsay at Blank Space and David Mann at McKenzie Fine Art (both at 511 W. 25th) are working with similar elements: a symmetrical composition with an "exploded" vertical core, built up through repeated elements, and executed with modulated color and a strong sense of materiality and process. Transparent or translucent color allows you to view each work through a chromatic scrim.
Each exhibition satisfies on its own, but the visual reciprocity enhances the experience. There are differences, of course. Scale is the most obvious; Mann works larger. Color is another; Ramsay has the more neutral palette. And the materials--acrylic, encaustic--refract the light differently. See for yourself.
Both shows are up now: Ramsay's through October 31, Mann's through November 14..

Debra Ramsay: Measuring Parallels 33, 2008, encaustic and eggshell on birch panel, 12 x 24 inches
Detail below


David Mann: Phantasm, 2009, acrylic and oil on canvas over board, 58 1/8 x 68 1/8 inches

Detail below

Installation views: Ramsay at Blank Space, left, and Mann at McKenzie Fine Art



Stephanie Clayton said...

I have to tell you, I enjoy your posts very much- from the gallery photos/shows/reviews, to marketing tips- your work on this blog makes a difference in the art world. So thanks for putting this out there.

About the art:
Eggshells! Fascinating material with which to work- who would have thought?
I did a google search on these two artists- while their missions are quite different from each other according to their bios, their visual language is clearly similar.

Art said...

Seconding eggshells and their crackelature (sp?) as awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Debra Ramsay said...

Thanks Joanne for your eagle eye and reminding me of the larger world, especially this month...I've been so focused on "MY gallery" that I haven't looked up too much. I'm tickled by the coincidence(s) of it all...for those of you not familiar with the location, one could toss a pebble from one gallery into the next.

Cora Glasser said...

Great catch, Joanne, and beautifully posted. Of course I've seen Deb's wonderful work and now there is still time to see Mann's. Some people say there are no coincidences!