A Peek Into the Back Room

So call me intrusive, but I love to see what's in a gallery's back room. I happened upon two visual treats this way recently:

Beatriz Milhazes in the library at James Cohan Gallery
Clint Jukkula in the office at Jeff Bailey Gallery. Actually Jukkala's work was conceived as a small show, but it requires you to peek into the space--a voyeuristic act for which, in this instance, you are welcomed


Pamela Farrell said...

I too love a peek into the back room. I generally will ask if it's ok to look at whatever art is hanging. More often than not, I'm invited in. Sometimes the gallerist will dip into the flat files or secret hiding place to show other works. I like the opportunity for some conversation and to get a sense of the gallerist's passions.

Nancy Ewart said...

I love back rooms and I've had very good luck here in SF; even some of the most fancy galleries are willing to pull work out for me. Recently, I had a wonderful afternoon at Crown Point, just having them pull piece after piece at random. It was a quiet day or I would not have bothered the gallery people but I saw a fabulous piece by Julie Mehrtu that just knocked my socks off.

Furniture movers said...

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