Big Geometries


Warren Isensee at Danese: Left, Halo Effect, 2009, oil on canvas; far wall, Cakewalk, 2010, oil on canvas, multipanel
A few weeks ago I posted Small Geometries, which featured the reductive sculptures of Kevin Finklea and the joyously gridded paintings of Helen Miranda Wilson. Now we're switching scale.
Warren Isensee's show at Danese, which just came down, featured his trademark "nesting" rectangles--which I love--as well as a couple of dramatic wall-size installations. These new works explode the geometry out of the nest, so to speak, while retaining the same retinally stimulating linearity. You can see more on the gallery website.

Peter Halley at Mary Boone: Installation of three works, each acrylic and roll-a-tex/canvas, 80 x 82 inches
Halley's show closed yesterday, but the gallery has some installation shots. While I like the juxtaposition of the two shows here--all rectangles within rectangles--I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Halley's work. His colors are too eye-searingly acidic for my taste (I prefer Imi Knoebel, who also shows at Boone if we're going in that chromatic direction), but ya gotta dig the way Halley creates a visual trope and sticks with it. Well, I do.


Donna Dodson said...

I saw Peter Halley's show and thought of you. Thanks for the introduction to the Warren Isensee's work.

YHBHS said...

nice posting...i think i prefer imi's work too!

* said...

I'm sorry I missed that Isensee show. I like his work, and that cakewalk one looks pretty interesting.

Did see the Peter Halley, and the longer I stayed in the gallery the more it grew on me. I wasn't sure if that would happen, but they surprised me that way.


Karena said...

Halley's art does transcend tranquility it is really a jolt. I do love the palette for the explosion that it is. I will go look at Isensee's work.

Art by Karena