I've overheard some interesting comments since the beginning of the year. First there was that doozie over by the Water Lilies at MoMA: "It's pronounced monay, like the joolerey." Then there were these, guaranteed verbatim:

Mother to her approximately 12-year-old collector son on 20th Street in Chelsea:
"I'll match your funds, but I want a say in your selections until you're 16."


Father to preteen daughter walking by Victoria's Secret on lower Fifth Ave:
"You're not going into that store until you're 50!"

Mother to teenage daughter on the F Train headed into Brooklyn:
"You can talk until you're blue in the face, you're not getting a gun until you're 18."
.What have you overheard lately?


Sowa Mai's dog said...

Bea Modisett said...

These are great! I was walking through NYC Chinatown the other day after some wonderful dim-sum and heard a girl, about 18, say to her friend "There are a lot of Chinese people here"

k.somerville said...

I saw a commercial that said: "Buy this truck today and we'll install a brand new gun rack in it for you. Come in the next 10 days and you get this hunting rifle too." I recently moved back to Kentucky from Chicago and this frightened me deeply. I guess it's supposed to be an incentive.

Mead McLean said...

In Starbucks coffee:

"You know, Starbucks is one of the few overpriced places that is actually worth the money."

Jim Simms said...

I overheard a little boy ask his mother, "Why?" It brought back such fond memories.

Hylla Evans said...

Asked at the farm tour about the fancy chickens, "Do they lay eggs, too?"

Annie B said...

In a grocery store, girl approximately 4 years old says:

"Mommy, how come everybody looks mad?" said...

Here are two of my favorites. I witnessed both of these.

A boy asks his mother to read a sign by a dinosaur exhibit and she says "Oh honey, it's just words." and then she walks away.

At a gem show, a young boy reaches out to touch a meteorite sample and his mother, in a panic yell at him from across the room "Don't touch that! It's from Outer Space!".