Printmaking Camp, Day 6: PULL

Update 9.22.10: A Little Peek at the exhibition, and my full report, More on Pull
The Participants
Tim McDowell, master printmaker and painter
Marcia Wood, gallerist and all around muse and support
Kim Anno, Kate Javens, Don Pollack, Katherine Taylor and me, the artists making prints
Brown Sanders and Clara Euam, technical assistance
Ellen Barnard and Lucas McDowell, producer and cameraman, respectively
Marcia holding the colophon.
You can see it better below:
The headiness of Printmaking Camp has given way to the project now officially known as Pull. This is the last post about the project.
.“Sweet ink on paper” is how Tim describes the process, as only a master printmaker can. Marcia calls the project “a profound experience,” adding, “I had not expected to be so personally moved and inspired by these artists and the palpable creativity and talent flowing through such highly charged days.”.
I would describe the week as a lot of work—I’m not sure why I thought printmaking was easy—but rewarding both esthetically and personally. I came away with a good edition after having stretched my thinking about what it means to make a print. (I think we all did.) I made some new friends and strengthened existing friendships. Plus I had fun. And did I mention that I, along with each member of the team, ended up with a portfolio?.We tossed around a number of titles for the project but settled on Pull, both for that singular moment when the impressed paper is separated from the plate and for the idea that in this collaborative process we were pulling together to create a project larger than our individual efforts.
I would have asked each of the other artists for their comments, but it was hard to immerse myself in a new process while simultaneously reporting objectively on the project. But I can bring you their images. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Pull:

Kim Anno, Heavens
All prints made from 9 x 12" plates that were custom sized for the individual projects. Prints are two-color or custom-printed single color on 20 x 26" BFK Rives White paper
Photos of artwork by Kim Anno.
Kate Javens, Father Ram

Joanne Mattera, Soie

Timothy McDowell, Arcadian Troubles.
Don Pollack, Mysterious Island
Katherine Taylor, Parallax

The collated portfolios ready to be crated and shipped to Atlanta

Inquiries about the portfolio, Pull, may be made directly to the publisher, Marcia Wood .


annell4 said...

I loved seeing all the prints! Each was wonderful! And I know this was a good experience!

Suzanne DesRosiers said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us. You really are so generous!

Nancy Natale said...

You produced a wonderful, rich edition in "Pull." Each image is so beautiful and all are different from each other but form a lovely unity. I love the very printerly look of them. Congratulations on such a successful endeavor and I hope it nets all of you the recognition you deserve.

Richard Bottwin said...

I really enjoyed this series! Thanks for letting us "go to camp" with you.

contemporary art said...

great post...

Unknown said...

Thanks Joanne. II have enjoyed following the process and seeing the resulting portfolio of work !!