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 David Byrne: Between a wall and a hard place

Chelsea has always had a world view, but suddenly globes are all over the place.

David Byrne’s is the biggest, pressing out from its confines in a former parking lot under the High Line on 25th Street, now an unofficial Pace Gallery space. Hmm, just as the world is getting smaller with social media, the subject in Pace Gallery’s official space next door, Byrne’s inflatable globe seems ominously ready to burst. 
Tight Spot, up through October 1.

Pulling back into the street: Two more views of Tight Spot


Ingo Gunther has an installation of them in a group show at Bryce Wolkowitz on 26th Street. Called Worldprocessor Globe Installation, it features several dozen 12-inch acrylic spheres identified not only with land masses and countries, but with such information as geologic and atmospheric conditions, time zones, fault lines and other scientific and political information.
Live Theory, up through October 15

Two views of Worldprocessor Globe Installation

Ingo Gunther: Geopolitics and art


Nick Cave's world view

And over at Mary Boone on 24th Street, one of Nick Cave’s fetishistic sound suits features a clutter of globes and global culture. (Globes or not, see this installation, which Cave himself describes as a “psychedelic, functified freak show that is an accumulation of the decades from the perspective of voodoo woo-loo.” )
For Now, at Mary Boone Gallery, through October 22 and its (globe-free) companion exhibition, Ever-After, at Jack Shaiman Gallery, through October 8.

More geopoltics?? While Byrne's global bubble seems about to burst, Cave's is teetering precariously on a seesaw

You can see some of Cave's costumes in motion on this You Tube video

6 comments: said...

Is that Nick Cave of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds? Something undeniably sprouted.

Joanne Mattera said...

Marian: Different Nick Cave.

Nancy Natale said...

Beautiful post! I love the way you brought all these various globes together. If Nick Cave's globe-mass had't had legs, I think it would have appealed to me more, but then it wouldn't have been a suit. Or maybe it could have been a suit with a skirt?

annell4 said...

hummmm..... interesting.

Tamar said...

After seeing Byrne's Tight Spot I felt my body swell....... hard to breathe. As intended, no?

Alli Cripe said...

Nick cave is an amazing musician. I didn't know he made these. Thanks for the post :)