Fair Play: Amuse Oeil

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In many restaurants the chef sends out an amuse bouche to tease your palate while the entree is being prepared. Well consider this post an amuse oeil. I'm sending out a riff on Ingres, two and a half men, and a coincidence: fake floors for the floor.

The entree, one of them at least--a walk-through of Basel Miami at the Convention Center--will be ready tomorrow. Meanwhile, bon appetit.

 The Ingres Riff
At Froelick Gallery, Portland, Aqua Art: Stephen O'Donnell, Le Fumeur, acrylic on panel
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Two and a Half Men
Above: At Van de Weghe Fine Art, ABMB: Duane Hanson, High School Student, 1990/92, bronze polychromed in oil, mixed media with accessories, approximately life size

Below: At Stephen Friedman, London: Jennifer Rubell's Prince William

Below: At Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid: Elmgren & Dragset
(The sculpture is actually a whole figure--in something resinous, replete with back hair [ick alert]--but I'm just showing you the top half)

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Coincidence: Fake Floors for the Floor

So one's woven and the other is quilted, but the representation of inlaid marble floors and their presentation on the floor (or on a plinth on the floor) makes this a coincidence worth noting

Above: Artist unknown at, I think, Massimo De Carlo, Milan, ABMA
Below: At Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, ABMB: Amanda Ross-Ho, Dropcloth Quilt #2

Tomorrow: A walk through the Convention Center and Art Basel Miami Beach


diane sanborn said...

Hi Joanne, I still don't get why the fake floors is considered valid art. Just askin..

Joanne Mattera said...

I'm being flip when I call them fake floors. I thought it was interesting to see very similar works displayed in almost the same way. But the art part is not in question. One is a real tapestry and the other is a real quilt.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I get it. quilting or any fiber/art work is beautiful. Maybe the venue is not quite right. D.