Fair Play: Art? Or Not Art? And the Winner Is . . .

We don’t have a winner but we do have a Top Five and four respondents who got #1 right. Scroll down for their names and then click for the answers on the amended blog post.
Here's the answer to #1:
1. Art

Here's our Top Five who came closest with the fewest number iincorrect. In order they are:
1. Zackofalltrades with 5X (bonus for getting #1, but he was at the fairs)
2. Hydeordie with 5X (she wasn’t at the fairs, so I’m seeing the top two as neck and neck)
3. Larry Schulte with 6X (bonus for getting #1 right)
4. Stefano Pasquini with 6X (bonus for getting #1 right)
5. Dora Ficher with 7X

I can’t do a feature on all of you, but email me (address on sidebar) an image of your best work. Identify it completely with title, date, medium(s), dimension. Include a link to your website or blog (pick one). I’ll post the five of you in A Good Eye feature, so that JMAB readers can get a good eyeful of your work.

Special recognition for all those who correctly identified #1, which was the trickiest one of the bunch (I think), because in any other context than the art fair, it would just be a newspaper. I did have to ask the gallerina: “Is this art?” She pointed to the wall label and said, “Yes.” See below.
. Bernard Klevickas
. Bonny Leibowitz
. Nancy Natale
. Pollywog

Email me an image of your best work on or with paper, identified as noted above, along with a link to your website or blog (pick one) and I'll include it in A Good Eye.

I checked and rechecked all 52 responses (which is why I’m late with this info), but please check your own answers against the posted results. Everyone got #14 and #37 right, because with an official I don’t know and maybe, respectively, any of these answers would have been correct: yes, no, I don’t know, maybe. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t have gotten them all either.