Marketing Mondays: Got Plans?

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No, I'm not going to ask you about your resolutions for the new year.

Resolutions get broken and then you feel like crap.

But plans are another story. Plans are a look forward. Sometimes realistic, sometimes a bit pie in the sky, they allow us to take steps to achieve what we would most like to achieve and be where would like to be. What I like about plans is that they're not freighted with the same baggage as resolutions. Plans can change without being broken.

So today's post is a short one with what I hope will be some well-thought-out responses from you.

What are your art plans for 2012?

I can tell you that I plan to cut back on the curating to spend more time in the studio. (I love curating--in my next life I plan to come back as a curator, and in fact I have a curated show that opens on the 13th, more of which next week--but in this life it takes a lot of time away from my painting practice.) I can also tell you that I plan to spend some time archiving images, not a pleasant task but one that I've been preparing for. 

I also plan to get back to Europe this year. It's been a while since I was there. I plan to spend about a week in Italy, the Adriatic side this time, and then fly over to Berlin for the annual Gallery Weekend, April 29-31. Dining with some new German art friends in Miami, I learned how excited they were about the event. My American friends (a dealer and a collector) and I planned then and there to rendezvous with them the last weekend of April in Berlin. Sounds like the start of a joke: an artist, an art dealer and a collector walk into a gallery in Berlin . . .If I come up with a punchline, I'll let you know.
Of course I'll continue to work in the studio. That's neither a plan nor a resolution but simply a fact of life.
OK, over to you.

Tell us what's on the drawing board, whether for artmaking, career pursuits or art-related travel. Spare no detail.


annell4 said...

My plans for the new year... yes, "life" sometimes gets in the way, but added together, a warm and tasty soup is created. I continue to be very excited about my work, continue to work (most every day, and still not nearly enough.) Reach out more... there you have it.

LXV said...

Joanne, I'm with you on the archiving. My picture files are in chaos from years of pulling things together on the fly as well as huge changes in the technology. I know that any photography done before about 2005 is hopelessly useless except as the smallest thumbnail. Currently, I am in the midst of a new series, not far enough along to finalize any presentation, but I'm planning a photo shoot when I deem it done. Meanwhile, I'm taking progress shots just to have something to post and to pique interest (seems to be working!)

I figure for every ten or so recent works, I might also start working from the other end and reshoot the old stuff in an organized fashion (if I can even figure out where it is). Talking to myself here: in order to have a plan, you've got to know what the problem is (all the nitty details). And some of those details include: in what platforms will the images appear (web, jpegs for submission, print, hi-res, lo-res?). All of this will affect how they get shot and saved. And the record keeping, file-naming conventions that support the utility of the archive. Yikes!! Thank the lord I'm not a sculptor or installation artist, because then I would need multiple shots of each piece.

Long story short, my resolution for 2012 is simply to move ahead, steadily, knowing that the plans may change along the way, and try not to get bogged down. Thanks for your wonderful blog and the inspiration you give.

Anonymous said...

Conquer NYC.

Susan Schwalb said...

I plan to work with the partner of Larry Miller to help get Larry's archive into a museum or library. Larry died two years ago of heart illness with complications from AIDS, and if I don't help his partner now I am afraid nothing will happen. But alas all the work is in LA and I am in New York. Does anyone have contacts at the Museum of the City of New York. Larry was a set and costume designer, first on Broadway, then traveling shows and then art director in films.

I am planning to try and make some new contacts to sell my work too.

Anonymous said...

Failure to plan is planning to fail. I'm working for my 2012 commitments (I have already been working for 5 months for this year!) and planning my 2013 schedule!

Eva said...

Heavy year.
Will sell my house and separate from significant other. Have no idea where I will live. And oh, I need a job.
I am also having a solo exhibition in New York City! And one in Oakland too. So, a good year too.
Thanks for asking, Joanne and letting us post here.

Stephanie Clayton said...

I've been mapping out my 2012 plans/intentions and here are highlights for early in the year:
- Group show in February.
- I'm teaching more workshops starting February.
- I'm attending an encaustic workshop later this month.
- While exiled in south Texas: get my art fix by visiting Houston and Marfa.
- Make more art. A lot more.
- And so on...!

Thanks for asking, and may 2012 be a creative and prosperous time for you.

Patrick Jewell said...

Finished moving my studio last month (made for an even more hectic holiday season); will spend the immediate future setting up the new one, which will be more fun than breaking down the old. Hope to do more teaching this year. Thinking of an ambitious project for which I may look for some Kickstarter help with funding. Other new paintings will be smallish, and will make some monotypes and drawings to get started in the new space. Have a couple small opportunities to show in the next three months, too. Best wishes to all in the New Year....

Ben Stansfield said...

I have two shows/sales planned for the year, with no more outdoor shows (other than the good local one).

pulled out of two groups I was showing with the last two years, with the intention to concentrate on my work more, less on deadlines for shows that don't do anything for my career.

putting together shortlist for galleries to approach in town. If I can get over my fear of shipping work, would like to also shortlist galleries back home in Vancouver as well. research, research, research.