"Rolling in the Deep" at Kenise Barnes Fine Art


Coming Up for Air, 2010, encaustic on panel, 24 x 60 inches

I am one of four painters--along with Christine Aaron, Cecile Chong and Lorraine Glessner--showing in Rolling in the Deep at Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont. All four of us work in encaustic, and while our styles are different, the medium we share has a richness and depth--hence the title borrowed from Adele.  (Added 7.2.12: Read D. Dominick Lombardi's Huffington Post review here.)

Aaron takes you deep into the woods. Chong mines a multicultural narrative via vignettes that ask you to look more profoundly into their meaning. Glessner immerses you an orgy of beauty. I want you to melt into the color.
From my own collection, Uttar 229, 2004,
encaustic on panel, 18 x 18 inches

Here I've posted four pages from a PDF catalog published by the gallery. You can obtain the entire catalog by emailing the gallery. My new painting, Coming Up for Air, is on the cover. This new work will be joined by three works from my own collection, from the Uttar series. Scroll to the bottom to see more. The exhibition will be up through July 21.

 Opening page of the PDF catalog of Rolling in the Deep, above, with a page from each artist below

Above: Uttar 230
Below: Uttar 234
Two more paintings from my own collection that we're showing, both 2004-2008, encaustic on panel, 18 x 18 inches


Christine Sauer said...

Beautiful work, all of it. Thanks for sharing! Heard Lorraine Glessner speak about her work in March at a conference which was very interesting. Have a a great opening.

Kesha Bruce said...

Looks like another great show, Joanne. Congrats!

Also, thanks for the intro to Lorraine Glessner's work. WOW!