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At ABMB: Foreground, unidentified artist at (I think) Galeria Jorge Mara-La Ruche, Buenos Aires; far wall, Patrick Wilson at Ameringer McEnery Yohe, New York City

I have a lot of geometric and reductive abstraction to show you, not just because I go looking for it (and I do look for it) but because there's a lot of it at the fairs, especially the big fairs. The opening photo, above, is a good example of what I'm talking about, with external walls from two galleries featuring clean lines and bold colors. There's a reason for that. Unless you're willing to write "Motherfucker" or "Sex Machine" on your external booth wall, or hang something very large and/or shiny, there's nothing better than a sharp, clean slice of geometry to focus the attention of a fairgoer who's being pulled visually in a dozen different directions. Here's what focused my attention.

At ABMB: Sarah Morris at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York City

At ABMA: Paulo Pasta at Galeria Millan, São Paulo

At Art Miami: Penelope Krebs at Yares Art Projects, Santa Fe

At ABMB: Stanley Whitney at (possibly) Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin and Stockholm

At ABMB: Peter Halley at Mary Boone Gallery, New York City; foreground, Ai Wei Wei painted vessels

At ABMB: Sean Scully at Timothy Taylor Gallery, London
With installation, above, to show scale

At Miami Project: Russell Tyler at Fouladi Projects, San Francisco

At Art Miami: Two views of Ted Larsen sculpture at David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe

At Aqua Art: Joanne Mattera at Projects Gallery, Philadelphia and Miami

At Art Miami: Mary Heilmann at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia

At Miami Project: Devin Powers at Lesley Heller Workspace, New York City
Detail above; full view below

At ABMB: Odili Donald Odita at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York City

At Aqua Art: David Carter at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary

At Miami Project: Russell Tyler at DCKT Contemporary, New York City

At Aqua Art: Janice Colbert at AWOL Gallery, Toronto

At ABMB: Barry McGee at Cheim & Read, New York City
Detail of panel elements below

At ABMB: William Cordova at (I think) Sikkema Jenkins
Detail below of stapled color chips that comprise the work

At Aqua Art: Justin Bean at JAG Modern, Philadelphia
Detail below

At Untitled: Rachel Beech at Blackston Gallery, New York City

At Art Miami: Rupert Deese at unidentified gallery

At Miami Project: Amy Ellingson solo exhibition at Eli Ridgeway Contemporary Art, San Francisco

Detail below

 Amy Ellingson work on paper
With closer view below

At Miami Project: David Row at Loretta Howard Gallery, New York City

At Aqua Art: Steven Baris at K. Imperial Fine Art, San Francisco
Below: Joanne Freeman, outside wall, and Baris paintings reflected in mirror

At Art Miami: Marcelyn McNeil at unidentified gallery

At Aqua Art: John Phillip Abbott at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary

At Untitled: Erik Schoonebeek at Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York City

At Art Miami: Sarah Amos at Cynthia-Reeves

At Untitled: Nichole van Beek at Jeff Bailey Gallery

Closer views of van Beek's paintings, above and below

At Art Miami: Duhirwe Rushemeza at Nomad Gallery, Brussels
Detail below

At Aqua Art: Jerry Walden at Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn

At ABMB: Possibly Marina Rheingantz, Galeria Fortes Vilaca, São Paolo

At ABMB: McArthur Binion, DNA Study: Five, 2013, at Kavi Gupta, Chicago
Detail below of laser print collage, oil stick and Staonal crayon panel

At Untitled: Samantha Bittman at Andrew Rafacz, Chicago

At NADA: Johnny Abrahams at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York City

At NADA: Chip Hughes at Kerry Schuss, New York City

At Miami Project: Barbara Takenaga at DC Moore, New York City
Above: Installation view 

Below: Closer view of grid on right wall

Below: Closer, brighter view view of painting on bottom right

Next up: More Painting

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Nancy Natale said...

Mind-boggling good! One post is more impressive than the next. You have really outdone yourself, Joanne. There is so much wonderful work here, but I'm sure you must have schlepped through a lot to get here. Thank you!

Tamar said...

Superb! Thanks for all the detail shots--it makes the viewing experience a teensy bit closer to having been at the fair.

Cora Jane Glasser said...

This is a terrific blog, Joanne. So instructive for anyone showing at a fair or thinking about what galleries are looking for in that regard. I do appreciate the effort and the legwork to "take" us there. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you for this post Joanne!