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One of the pleasures of fairgoing is seeing the enormous range of materials artists employ in the making of art. In subsequent posts I'll show more conventional paint-on-canvas paintings, but here I wanted to show some of the stuff that artists use. There's a lot of fabric. There are surfaces built up or carved into--rich crusts and skived channels--as well as weaving, stuffing, foam, clay rubber and more. While some of the work feels provisional, a good deal is well crafted for the long haul. I've opened with a few details to get you visually into the work, and I've included as many details of as many works as possible. 

Detail of painting by Nabil Nahas
Info for full views of all opening details farther down the post

Detail of painting by David Allan Peters

Detail of painting by Marcus Linnenbrink

Detail of painting by Wyatt Kahn 

Wyatt Kahn pieced linen-on-canvas painting at T293, Naples and Rome (with Sam Falls sculpture); at ABMB

Giorgio Griffa acrylic on unstretched canvas at Gallerie Fumagalli, Milano; at Art Miami 

Liu Wei at Lehman Maupin, New York City; at ABMB
Detail of stitched canvas below

Ayan Farah at Vigo Gallery, London: at Untitled
Closer view of one work below

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung stitched and collaged painting at Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami; at Pulse
Detail below

Megan Cotts constructions at Klowden Mann Gallery, Culver City, California; at Miami Project
Below: Closer view of pleated structure in acrylic, thread and dye on linen

Samantha Bittman woven paintings at Andrew Rafacz, Chicago; at Untitled
Detail below

Liza Lou at unidentified gallery; at ABMB
Detail below
Looks like a shimmering version of Agnes Martin and then you realize the piece was executed by beading

Sarah Crowner at Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin and Stockholm; at ABMB
What appears to be a straightforward painting is actually canvas stitched with perfectly undulating seams

Sergio Sister dimensional painting at Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York City; at Untitled

Above: Installation view
Below: another work with a clear view of color, materials and construction

Joe Zucker at Mary Boone Gallery, New York City; at ABMB
Detail below: acrylic, canvas, wood

Silvina Arismendi rubber-band paintings at Rincon Projects, Bogotà; at Untitled
Detail below

Daniel Douke at Peter Mendenhall Gallery, Los Angeles; at Miami Project

Cordy Ryman constructions at Dodge Gallery, New York City; at Untitled
Closer view below

David Allan Peters untitled triptych of carved acrylic on panel at Royale Projercts Contemporary Art, Palm Desert, California; at Untitled

Full view of central panel (detail of this work opened the post)

Full view of left panel
Below: Side-view projecting from the substrate

Marcus Linnenbrink resin painting at Max Estrella, Madrid; at Untitled
(Detail of this work opened the post)
More Linnenbrink, at Ameringer McEnery Yohe, New York City); at ABMB
Detail below

Matthias van Arkel layered silicone at Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York City; at Miami Project
Detail below

Julie Schenkelberg sculptures at Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York City; at Untitled
Closer view of work second from right

Jannis Kounellis untitled construction of steel, lead and cloth at Annely Juda Fine Art, London; at ABMB

Bosco Sodi at Pace, New York City, Beijing and Longon; at ABMB
Detail above; installation view below 

Nabil Nahas at Sperone Westwater, New York City; at ABMB
Detail below of encrusted surface 

Agustina Woodgate tapestry made of deconstructed stuffed animals at Spinello Projects, Miami; at ABMB
Detail below

Petah Coyne at Galerie Lelong, New York City; at ABMB
Detail below

And since we're talking stuff in this post, here's the label for Coyne's work:

Phillida Barlow sculptures at Hauser & Worth, New York City and London; at ABMB
Detail of one below (I did not record specific materials in this work, but Barlow's work is fabulously material and incorporates a Home Depot's worth of stuff; Google her)

Seung Yul Oh at One and J. Gallery, Seoul; at ABMB

Sheila Hicks linen hanging, 2012-2012, and Hanna Wilke clay sculptures in vitrine, 1985-1986, at Alison Jacques Gallery, London
Detail below

Howardena Pindell mixed-media painting, 1982-1983, at Garth Greenan Gallery, New York City; at Miami Project
Detail below 

Orly Genger's knitted wall at unidentified gallery at ABMB

Harmony Hammond at Alexander Gray Associates, New York City
Detail below of oil and mixed-media surface

James Sterling Pitt sculptures at Steven Zevitas Gallery; at Miami Project
Installation view below

Emery Blagdon painting on wood at Adams and Ollman, Portland, Oregon; at NADA
Detail below

Margie Livingston block of acrylic paint layers, at Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles; at Untitled

Next up:  Geometric Abstraction, Modern and Contemporary

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Nancy Natale said...

Bricolage HEAVEN! Great stuff, Joanne. Thank you!

Louise said...

Love this post! Thank You Joanne for introducing me to many artists whose wonderful work was unknown to me!

Lynda Cole said...

Joanne, I love your words and your information. Happy 2014

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Very inspirational work! Thank you for sharing!