Art? Not Art?

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While I work on another post about paintings, how about a little Art or Not Art? Answers at the bottom of the post. No cheating.

1. Art or Not Art?

2. Art or Not Art?

3. Art or Not Art?

4. Art or Not Art?

5. Art or Not Art?

6. Art or Not Art?

7. Art or Architecture?

Bonus round: Art or Cupcake?

 . . . .
And the Answers are:

1. Art. Brian Richmond at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery; Miami Project

2. Art. Matias Faldbakken, Pizza Box Tower, 2014, concrete and cardboard at unidentified gallery; ABMB

3. Not Art. I shot this on Collins avenue looking into a store under renovation

4. Art. Cyprien Gaillard, Cuban Wren, 2014, excavator head and bamded calcite at Barbara Gladstone Gallery; ABMB

5. Not Art. A gallery's packing peanuts at NADA

6. Art. Jurgen Drescher, Moving Box Freestanding VIII (silvered), 2024, aluminum sandcasting, aluminum leaf at Mai 36 Galerie; ABMB

6. Art. Alfredo Jaar at Project 26 on the lawn outside the Bass Museum of Art.

Bonus round: Cupcake!

Just kidding. It's Art:

Xu Zhen, Under Heaven, 2014, oil on canvas, aluminum, produced by MedeIn Company, at James Cohan Gallery; ABMB


christine said...

I always love your art/not art pix....missed the art/architecture one but got the rest. but now I'm craving buttercream frosting...

annell4 said...

That was fun, not sure the question was answered?