Fair and Loathing: Structure and Material, Part 2

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Fair and Loathing: Structure and Material, Part 1

Sheila Hicks, detail of installation shown below

We ended with Sheila Hicks in the last post, so that's where we resume. Up to a decade ago, much of the work you see here might have been shown in more limited circumstances--craft fairs and dedicated craft museums, for instance. New recognition for longtime "fiber artists" like Hicks; the acknowledgement of craft materials or techniques for artistic expression, as Polly Apfelbaum, Kathy Butterly, Nicole Cherubini and Arlene Shechet exemplify; and indeed, the blurred line between art and craft have given us a richer art-making and art-viewing experience.

Hicks installation, Lares and Penates, 1990-2013, 98 elements, installation variable, at Sikkema Jenkins, New York City; ABMB

Another view of that fabulous wall and an individual piece below 

Diana Molzan at The Hole, New York City; NADA

Barbara Chase-Riboud, Malcolm X #11, 2008, polished bronze and silk, at Michael Roselfeld Gallery, New York City; ABMB

Detail below

Liza Lou, Gild Amber/Divide, 2012-2014, woven glass beads, at White Cube, London: ABMB

Detail below

El Anatsui, Delta, 2014, found aluminum and copper wire, at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York City; ABMB

Detail below

Davide Balula, Artificially Aged Painting (Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry), 2014, factory primed canvas, at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Paris; ABMB

Detail above
Full view below

Derrick Velasquez, Untitled 103, vinyl strips over walnut form, at Robischon Gallery, Denver; Miami Project

Ayan Farah at Almine Rech, Paris; ABMB

Detail below, which shows stitched strips of dyed cloth

Jumana Manna, Captain Charles Warren or Claude R. Conder's Neck, 2014; egg cartons, plaster, burlap, wax, at CRG Gallery, New Work City; ABMB

The egg cartons were a crafty surprise, but the structure itself is surprisingly interesting.
Detail below

More in the don't-throw-anything-out department:
Evan Holloway, Figure Form with Batteries, 2014, steel, plaster, spent batteries, at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels; ABMB

Arlene Shechet, Build to Last, 2014, glazed ceramic on steel base, at Sikkema Jenkins, New York City; ABMB

Detail below

Franz West, Syntagma, 1998, papier mache, wood, gauze, plaster and paint, at David Zwirner, New York City; ABMB

Kathy Butterly glazed clay sculpture with an Albers painting at Tibor de Nagy, New York City; Miami Project

Nicole Cherubini at Samson Projects, Boston; Untitled

Polly Apfelbaum, glazed porcelain, at Galerie Nachst St. Stephen/Rosemarie Schwartzwalder; ABMB

Some individual pieces below

Paul Scott, Scott's Cumbrian Blue(s), Ferrin Contemporary, Cummington, Massachusetts; Miami Project

Individual objects above and below

Venske and Spanle, carved marble, at Thatcher Projects, New York City; Miami Project

Carved marble!

Ross Bonfanti, cement-cast plush toy, at Projects Gallery, Miami; Aqua Art

Nancy Rubins, Our Friend Fluid Metal, Chunkus Majoris, 2013, via Gagosian Gallery, at Fieldwork,  on the grounds of the Bass Museum of Art

Th-th-th-that all (for this year), Folks

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Nancy Natale said...

This is a wonderful post, Joanne! Concluding with "Chunkus Majoris" puts the finishing touch on all that stuff. I loved seeing Anatsui going minimalist and Sheila Hicks wrappings wall. There is just so much to take in! Thank you for organizing Miami for us and allowing us to see it in chunks that make some sense of it all.

Unknown said...

Great coverage and photos. Really gave me a sense of it all. Just wonderful.

Unknown said...

Great coverage and photos. Really gave me a sense of it all. Just wonderful.

Shawn Hill said...

Barbara Chase-Riboud is so wonderful, so great to see the work "in person."

Zainul Hal said...

Nice photos... great art..

Phyll said...

Love the piece from the Hole... right in my old neighborhood too :)