Fair Fetched: Some Paintings

One of the great things about the fairs is the amount of painting on exhibition. For painters it's a slice of heaven. Even if you don't love everything you see (and I don't), the sheer variety is satisfying. Here, I'm starting with some last-century work--because I love me a good Helen, Myron or Agnes--and then moving into a few installations I found compelling. Following that are individual works, some with details. I've posted the images so that they flow visually. You can tell that my preference is for abstraction, but I did include some figurative work at the end.

First, some 20th-Century painting

ABMB: Helen Frankenthaler, 1963, at John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco

ABMB: Myron Stout, 1950, at Joan Washburn, New York City

ABMB: Ana Sacerdote, installation of paintings described as "works from the 1950s-1960s," at Jorge Mara-La Ruch, Buenos Aires

ABMB: Ilya Bolotowsky, ca 1948, at Joan Washburn, New York City

ABMB: John McLaughlin, 1957, at Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

ABMB: Above and below, each app. 12 x 12 inches
Agnes Martin at Dominique Levy Gallery, New York City, London. Geneva

ABMB: Robert Ryman, 1964, at Vedovi, Brussels
Closer view below

ABMB: Josef Albers, 1957, at Waddington Custot Galleries,

ABMB: Frank Stella, 1967, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York City, with editioned Brancusi head on pedestal

ABMB: Kenneth Noland, 1967, at Paul Kasmin

. . . .

Next up a few great-looking installations:

Untitled: Tomory Dodge at ACME, Los Angeles

Tomory Dodge installation views above and below

Untitled: Jens Wolf at Ronchini Gallery

Pulse: Jan van der Ploeg, foreground, with Beat Zoderer and Markus Weggenman at Taubert Contemporary

Untitled: Shirley Kaneda at Galerie Richard, Paris and New York City
Closer view below

Pulse: Points at Klowden Mann, Culver City

. . . . .

Paintings, some with details: 

ABMB: Mark Flood at Stuart Shave Modern Art, London

ABMB: Irma Blank at Alison Jacques Gallery, London
Detail below

ABMB: Sean Scully at Kewenig, Berlin

ABMB: Stanley Whitney at Lisson Gallery, London
Detail below

ABMB: Judy Ledgerwood at Rhona Hoffman, Chicago
Detail below

ABMB: Bernard Frize at Galerie Nach St. Stephen/Ropsemarie Schwalder
Detail below

ABMB: Elias Sime at James Cohan, New York City
Detail below 

ABMB: William Cordova at Sikkema Jenkins, New York City
Detail below

Pulse: Roy Dowell at James Harris Gallery, Seattle

ABMB: Chris Johanson at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York City

Untitled: Matt Kleberg at Mulherin Gallery, New York City

ABMB: Ian Davenport at Waddington Custot Galleries, London
(I assume that's a John Chamberlain sculpture in foreground. Chamberlain's work has become the cliched go-to for placement in front of a large painting at the fairs.)

Pulse: Ronnie Hughes at Rubicon Gallery, Dublin

Pulse: Tegene Kunbi at Thatcher Projects, New York City

Untitled: Cary Smith at Fredericks & Freiser, New York City

Untitled: Far wall, Joaquin Boz (I think) at Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles

Untitled: Russell Tyler at Denny Gallery, New York City

ABMB: Alexander Kroll at Frederick Snitzer Gallery, Miami

ABMB: Amy Bessone, Salon 94, New York City

ABMB: Hugo McCloud at Sean Kelly New York City

ABMB: John Sparagna at Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago

NADA: Caragh Thuring at Simon Preston Gallery

Untitled: Marjolin De Witt at Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York City

NADA: Dona Nelson, foreground, and Rose Wylie at Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City

ABMB: Louise Fishman at Cheim & Read, New York City

Untitled: Michael Conrads at Marso, Berlin

ABMB: Jess Fuller at Herald St. Gallery, London

Pulse: Joan Snyder at Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati

ABMB: Richard Aldrich at Bortolami, New York City

NADA: Steve DiBenedetto at Derek Eller Gallery, New York City

ABMB: Mark Hagen at Almine Rech, Paris

Miami Project: David Row at Philip Slein Gallery, St Louis

Miami Project: Connie Goldman at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland

ABMB: Mary Heilmann at 303 Gallery, New York City

ABMB: Michelle Grabner at James Cohan, New York City
Detail below

NADA: Alex Dodge at Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York City

ABMB: Mikalene Thomas at Lahman Maupin, New York City
Detail below

ABMB: Polly Apfelbaum at Galerie Nachst St. Stephen/Rosemarie Schwalder

Untitled: Lauren Luloff at Halsey McKay, New York City

Miami Project: Ann Glazer at Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas

ABMB: Valentina Liernur at Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires

. . . . .

As one who often works small (and to whom its often suggested that I "work larger") I not only love seeing small paintings, I love how one small paintings holds a wall or how an installation of small paintings offers so much to see. 

ABMB: Unidentified artist at Henrique Faria, Buenos Aires and New York City

ABMB: Etel Adnan at Galerie Lelong, New York City
Closer view below

ABMB: Imi Knoebel (editions of acrylic on plastic paper) at Galerie Sabine Kunst, Munich

ABMB: Raoul De Keyser, app 12 x 12 inches, at Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

ABMB: Rodrigo Andrade at Millan, Sao Paolo
Closer view below

Miami Project: Andrew Masullo at Philip Slein Gallery, St., Louis

Above and below
Miami Propject: Mel Prest at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland

Untitled: Anoka Faruqee at Koenig & Clinton, New York City

. . . .

More or less achromatic

ABMB: Rebecca Morris at Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago

ABMB: Nick Aguayo at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Culver City

Untitled: Unidentified artist at Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York City

Untitled: Amy Pleasant at Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, New York

ABMB: Lui Shtini at Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago

ABMB: McArthur Binion at Galerie Lelong, New York City
Detail below

. . . . .

Some recognizable imagery

ABMB: Giuseppe Penone at Marian Goodman, New York City
Detail below

Miami Project: Matt Bahen at Claire Oliver Fine Art, New York City

Pulse: Squeak Carnwath at James Harris Gallery, Seattle

ABMB: Chris Ofili at David Zwirner, New York City
Detail below

Untitled: Edith Beaucage at Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles

ABMB: Mishek Masamvu at Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Untitled: Hope Gangloff at Susan Inglett Gallery, New York City

Untitled at at Fredericks & Freiser, New York City
Above: Lamar Peterson
Below: John Wesley

ABMB: Gideon Rubin at Galerie Karsten Greve Ag, St. Moritz
Closer view below

Next up: Punctum

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The unidentified artist at Mulherin Gallery is Matt Kleberg.

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So much to love!!!!

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