FAIR FACTOR: Feeling Flush

Those hotel rooms are small, so every square inch counts. Many galleries wisely included the bathroom as part of their exhibition space. Indeed, the little room creates a perfect niche for small work, and pulling back the shower curtain creates a sense of drama. As for the hopper, it’s a perfect pedestal for sculpture. Here's a roundup of the best WCs in Miami, from Art Now, Bridge, Red Dot and Flow.
Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, Mass., Bridge Fair
Robert Jackson at Arden Gallery, Boston. Red Dot Fair

Sally Agee at Carrie Haddad, Hudson, New York. Red Dot

Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans. Bridge

Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle. Art Now Fair

Diana Jensen at Safe-T-Gallery, Brooklyn. Art Now

Scott Kiernan at Michaela Gallery, San Francisco. Art Now

Tory Foliard Gallery, Milwaukee. Red Dot

Niho Kozuru at Arden Gallery, Boston. Red Dot

DM Contemporary, Mill Neck, New York. Art Now

Tricia Wright at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, New York. Flow Fair

Greely Myatt at David Lusk Gallery, Memphis. Flow


Hemphill, Washington, DC. Flow

Carol Jazzar, Miami Beach. Bridge

Blk/Mkt Gallery, Los Angeles. Red Dot

Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York. Flow


Julie Peppito sculptures at Julie Baker Fine Art, Nevada City, California. Flow

Jay Jay, Sacramento. Flow

Monica Cook at Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta. Flow