"Silken Surfaces"

From the Fall issue of Surface Design Journal
I just received the Fall issue of Surface Design Journal. This quarterly magazine is devoted to the application of just about any medium to just about any surface. While its focus is textile in nature, it is sufficiantly broad to have included a four-page piece on my paintings.
Editor-in-Chief Patricia Malarcher invited me to talk about the textile sensibility of my grid-based work, specifically my current series Silk Road. Pat and I go back many years, two decades at least, to when I was the editor of Fiberarts magazine and she was a contributor. This time the tables were turned, and she asked me to write a piece for her magazine. If you click onto the images below, you should be able to bring them up sufficiently to read the text. If you can't, the essence of my narrative is that as the granddaughter of Italian tailors, and the niece of a dressmaker and a lacemaker, I find that my work almost always has a textile referent. I don't intend it, but it's almost always there. After all, what is the warp and weft of a fabric but a grid?

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