FAIR FACTOR: Twin Piques

My reports on Pulse and Scope are up next, but these two works, the top one from Pulse; the bottom from Scope, piqued my need to pair and post. I love the cheekiness of these ideas, the humbleness of their materials, and the chutzpah it took to pull them off.

Judd redux--and corrugated: Jose Davila, Untitled, cardboard and sodacaps [?], 2007, from Travesia Cuatro, Madrid; at Pulse

Cameo appearance: Daniel Alcala, Becher's Typology II, graphite on handcut paper, 2007, from Arroniz Arte Contemporanea, Mexico City; at Scope


Anonymous said...

Joanne, thanks for your intrepdi reporting. I am planning on going to Miami next year, sounds like the place to be.

Martin said...

thank you.

Nancy Natale said...

Joanne, Thanks so much for your great pix and posts. I loved: Basel Miami - the untitled quilt painting with sticks, stapled fabric in painting by Jon Pylypchuk (talk about ballsy), Galerie Lelong wire sculpture Antony Gormley, Louise Bourgeois with Joan Mitchell, Petah Coyne sculpture, Lehmann Maupin Gallery's notice about female artists and your repetition of mcp comments (remember that?) as well as the tip about the Artnet purchase story (how many pieces by women could $10 million buy?), and in Flow the wallpaper plus the Anne Seidman, Sheila Burger and Lisa Kokin. All this work is so alive and joyous that it is just a pleasure to see. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously. XXX