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Welcome to 2009!

Drinking is overrated. Times Square is for tourists. And fireworks require you to be out in the cold. But these retinal bongs will propel you right into the New Year--and except for the bottom-most image, all the movement is in your brain.

(If you're nursing a hangover, you may want to return when your head stops hurting.)




All images taken from the Internet


Anonymous said...

There is no way this last image isn't animated! Very funny.
Love these.

Joanne Mattera said...

Yes, that last one is indeed actually moving. But the others, no. Interesting isn't it: That even though we are visually sophisticated presumably we still see the same optical stuff that the Kincaid and Hallmark folks do.

Marilyn Fenn said...

Ow! And I haven't even started drinking yet!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog--will be back often.

Martin said...

hey i saw a good show and thought you might like it... organic geometry at nicole klagsbrun... closes on the 10th.

Oly said...

Joanne, you're simply outdoing yourself lately!!! Mucho, mucho props of "I'm not worthy!!!"
2009 is the Mattera year.

Joanne Mattera said...

Hey, thanks!

Martin, I'm going to miss "Organic Geometry." I'm in Massachusetts until mid month. I love the title, and the gallery images look good. Time to dust off my mantra for the new year: I can't see everything.

Oly, thanks for the kind words. This is some addictive stuff, this blogging.

mel prest said...

WOW! What a treat for New Year-- thanks Joanne for posting these. I'm usually not prone to the optical illusion but these really got me!
Happy '09,