Looking into 2009

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We can see the new year from here, so this post is not about looking into the future so much as it is simply looking at what's planned for the next few months. Here are a few events and upcoming posts:

Blogger Events
. Sunday, January 18 Sharon Butler, artist and blogger (Two Coats of Paint), and Austin Thomas, artist and director of Pocket Utopia, are planning what Sharon calls a "Blogger Conference/Think Tank/Pre-Inauguration Party" at Pocket Utopia in Brooklyn at 4:00 pm. (Sharon is my Art Bloggers @ partner, and while I have nothing to do with the planning of this particular event, I'll be attending with enthusiam, support and opinions.)
. Saturday, March 7, I'll be participating on a blogger panel at Platform Project Space in New York City with Hrag Vartanian and the Fallon and Rosof Artblog duo, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof. The panel is scheduled for late afternoon, around 5:00. Stay tuned for more, including info on a Twitter connection that Olympia's planning.
. . . . .The panel will follow the Thursday, March 5th, opening of Blogpix, a show at Platform curated by the four of us. Olympia Lambert, the gallery administrator at Platform and its support venue, Denise Bibro Fine Art, is directing the whole thing. I'll have a whole Blogpix post on the curators and artists as we get closer to the date, but here's the 411: Hrag has selected Ben La Rocco; Roberta and Libby have selected Christopher Davison; and I have gotten gluttinous in selecting four of my favorite painters: Steven Alexander, Sharon Butler, Reese Inman and Julie Karbenick.

Upcoming Features Here at JMAB
. Remembering Morandi An interview with New York gallerist Stephen Haller recalling his long-ago friendship with Giorgio Morandi
. 50 Over 50 A curated show of the work of 50 artists over 50, celebrating experience, perseverance and damn fine work. (Update 1.11.09: This is a change from the original premise, which was to have been from submissions; I got overwhelmed when my post went out to the list serve of several large arts organizations.)


ainesse said...

Hi Joanne and happy Christmas

I'd be interested in the 50-50 exhibition. Do you have a list for people to get updated. I notice you haven't put the "Followers of this blog" gadget enabled on your layout. If you did I could have added myself to that.

anyway take care

Aine Scannell

Joanne Mattera said...

I'll post the 50/50 info next week.
Best thing is to check back periodically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pocket Utopia shout-out. See you next Bushwick!
--Sharon @ Two Coats of Paint"