Boarding up the Tolerable Work

Fair Play, my report series on the Miami art fairs, will resume on Wednesday with a Roundup. Scroll down for the previous posts.

I can't tell if this recent blog comment is spam or simply a message of thanks from someone who translated it from another language using an online translation site. Or maybe it's one of those two Wild and Crazy Guys?
"This is my earliest opportunity i afflict here. I base so many absorbing baggage in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the one in unison having all the exercise here! board up the tolerable work."

In any case, I intend to keep offering you absorbing baggage in 2012. And may your year be filled with tolerable work. 



Kit Lang said...

*laughs* And may I extend the same wishes to you! :)

Tamar said...

Just to add to the blog baggage--wishing you a year of work that goes far beyond being merely tolerable.

Nancy Natale said...

I am tolerating your baggage and boarding up the affliction of good wishes for the upcoming year. May all your comments be tolerable and a unison of exercise in absorption!

LXV said...

Happy New Year Joanne. You continue to amaze me with your tolerable baggage and inexhaustible energy. I realize you're no spring chicken (it takes one to appreciate one), so it's all the more remarkable.

Joanne Mattera said...

No longer a spring chicken, but not quite a fall turkey. I don't know where all that energy comes from, LXV, but I'm happy I wake up with it every day.

Thanks, also, to Kit, Tamar and Nancy for your tolerable support.