A collaged panorama of Paperazzi, viewed from the entrance 

There are two big salon-style shows up in Brooklyn right now. One is at Sideshow GalleryThe other is Paperazzi at Janet Kurnatowski. Paperazzi, which shows the work on paper of nearly 200 artists, is up through February 12. It's a big tossed salad of a show, and I mean that in the best possible sense.
Exhibitions like this are generous on the part of dealers, as it's a lot of work to organize and install so much art. They're equally generous on the part of artists, as it's easy for one's individual work to get lost in a sea of so much to look at. But exhibitions like Paperazzi are important because they strengthen the art community, providing a democratic opportunity for the well-known and the not-so-well-known to hang out, literally. Equally important, they provide a visual barometer of what's going on, right now. With much work at reasonable prices, shows like Paperazzi should bring emerging collectors into the community, too. And the whole thing is a great deal of fun.
Though I picked out work by my art buddies David Ambrose, Steven Alexander, Julie Gross, Brent Hallard, Kylie Heidenheimer, Suejin Jo, Scott Malbaurn, Loren Munk, Gary Petersen, Karen Schifano and Kim Uchiyama, there's no way I can identify all of these works without a map. So instead I've posted high-res images; click on each to see whose work you can pick out. Here's the list of artistswhich starts with Peter Acheson and ends with Alice Zinnes. Go see it if you can.

View at the back of the gallery, which leads into the viewing room

Below: a peek into the viewing room

With our back to the viewing room, we can look down the wall on our right, above, and on our left, below


Ravenna Taylor said...

thanks for the great documentation

phoning in the concrete said...

Nice images and thanks, Joanne, for the mention.

Michal Shapiro said...

A very thoughtful way to deal with a very large (for its space), rich show. Thanks for the coverage!

Achieve Your 100 said...

What great photos and what a stunning collection of artwork.