Another Conceptual Connection

A Conceptual Connection

Here's another visual moment, this time from Armory Modern: a sculpture by the late American outsider artist, Judith Scott, and a painting by the late Canadian painter, Harold Town. The connection is thread. In Scott's work it is a found object wrapped over and over with yarn, string and thread until the object assumes an imposing form of its own. In Town's, it is a paint-laden string snapped repeatedly against the canvas resulting a fibrous surface of dense and saturated color.

At Ricco/Maresca, New York City: Judith Scott (1943-2005), Untitled, 1996, fiber and appropriated materials; detail below

At Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto: Harold Town (1924-1990), Snap, 1973-74, oil on canvas; detail above

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Christine Sauer said...

Thanks Joanne both of these pieces! Since I can't be in NY I really appreciate your sharing of the cool and interesting work that you see.