Men in Pink

Visitor at Armory Modern standing in front of  Jason Martin painting (yes, it really is that color), at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm

As I was snapping pics of men in pink at Armory Modern on Pier 92, I saw legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham with his camera. I can't imagine he got a better photo op than the homme rose, above. Yeah, yeah, you want to see Armory pictures, not fashion. I'll disperse them slowly over the next few weeks. I'm committed to the studio as I prepare for several upcoming shows. (One color I'm not using? You guessed it.)

More Armory Modern

Below:  Hotfooting at Volta 


Nancy Natale said...

I love the color! Believe it or not, my bedroom walls are about the color of that painting - maybe a little darker. It's a color that was there when we bought the house and I thought sure I would change it, but I've grown to really like being surrounded by magenta.

Ben Stansfield said...

I started making pink paintings in 2005. I disliked the colour (or range of colour) so much, I thought I'd make a painting that I liked with pink, in order to get over it. It turned out so well, that it's become a tradition for me.
However, I still can't stand 'peach' or minty 80's green. eck.

Louise said...

I adore hot pink - and my favorite combo hot pink and bright I love this posting.

annell4 said...

Love the colors!duct

Betty Carroll Fuller said...

I love pink, my favorite oil colors are persian rose and dianthus pink by Williamsburg