More Paintings During Armory Week

Here's another roundup of paintings from Armory Week, which I present without commentary--except to say that I responded to all of them for various reasons: impastoed gesture or dense composition, the geometry of shape within a shaped canvas, or the materiality of the work.

Tomory Dodge at CRG Gallery, New York City; Armory
Installation view below

Two more by Tomory Dodge, all the work oil on canvas

Jackie Saccoccio at Eleven Rivington Gallery, New York City, Volta
(Saccoccio has a solo, which includes this painting, at Eleven Rivington on the Lower East Side, up through April 22.)

Susan Carr at Giampietro Gallery, New Haven; Scope
Closer view, below

Thornton Dial at Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York; Armory Modern
(Dial is in a group show, Materiality, at Allegra La Viola on the LES through April 21.)

Detail below

Ralf Dereich, Chaplini Gallery, Cologne; Volta

Mary Abbott at VVFA Modern and McCormick Gallery, Chicago; Armory Modern
Charles Hinman at D. Wigmore Fine Art, New York City; Armory Modern
Larry Zox and Kenneth Noland at Capstick-Dale Fine Art, New York City; Armory Modern

Imi Knoebel at Galerie Nachst St. Stephen/Rosemarie Schwartzwalder, Vienna; Armory

Xaviera Simmons at Nicole Klagsabrun Gallery, New York City; ADAA

Pascale Marthine Tayou at Gallerie Continue, San Gimignano, Italy; Armory
Detail below (yes, they're pastels--or maybe chalk)


Christine Sauer said...

I enjoyed seeing work by artists that I am not familiar with. Thank you! A few weeks ago I saw a fabulous exhibition of forty works by Thornton Dial with a gallery walk thru by curator Joanne Cubbs. The artist was present. Fabulous!

Gary J. Noland Jr. said...

Thanks for the introduction to the work of Tomory Dodge, Susan Carr, and Mary Abbott. The Thornton Dial piece is wonderful as always.

Nancy Natale said...

Oooh, I really like all this work - from gooey to restrained. The Tomory Dodge and Susan Carr works are fabulous - so rich. Thanks for posting all of these!

Victoria Webb said...

Especially nice to see the Mary Abbott piece. Susan Carr - a new artist to me, but exciting. Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful getting to see these terrific works this way,otherwise I would never see them. I am so thankful for your great posts.That Jackie Saccoccio piece is so beautiful, especially her use of the brown color, it is truly unexpected.

paintings said...

awesome painting like all the stuff