Back in Action

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Window view of Improbable Topographies, at the Rice Polak Gallery in Provincetown, with a peek into the exhibition itself

If you were wondering where I went, I was in Provincetown for almost two weeks directing the Sixth International Encaustic Conference, the place to be for artists who paint in encaustic or use wax in their work.  It was a huge event: three days of Conference, plus three days of workshops before and five days of workshops after. There were 16 exhibitions, 12 of them at the galleries in town (an additional two were at the Conference venue, and two were at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, which co-produces the event with me). Conferees filled every room of the Provincetown Inn, so we took advantage of our just-us status and held an in-house Hotel Fair, used the lobby for a book signing, and filled every function room with hourly talks and demos. I'll be posting about it on the Conference blog this week, if you're interested.

So I'm back in the blogging saddle. Marketing Mondays will continue, and over the summer I'll post a number of exhibitions that I photographed throughout May in New York--shows too good not to cover. (So they're over. So what?)  I'll also show you the Improbable Topographies show I curated in Provincetown. And since I'm spending the summer near the ocean in Massachusetts (let's see if I can get to the beach at least once) I expect to get into Boston to see what's going on there.

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