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Life: Color decisions on a wall on Commercial Street in Provincetown
A couple of weeks ago I was in Provincetown and snapped the photo above of a wall with color swatches. I love the cool delicacy of the colors against the lobster-red, or should I say lobstah-red of the chairs and sign. 
As often happens, life and art intertwine. Agnes de Bethune responded by posting the picture you see below. She wrote: "I saw this at the Armory Show 2012 and was reminded of it by Joanne Mattera's recent post." Like.
Art: Dineo Seshee Bopape at Armory Fair, 2012. Photo: Agnes de Bethune


annell4 said...

Color, perhaps the spice of life!

LXV said...

Joanne, correction: I just realized my typo. It was Armory 2010. And I almost missed it. Quietly taped high up on a wall, a little above head height. I had to search out the tag to discover what it was. A lovely moment in the midst of the frenzied glut that is the Armory Show.