Super Saturated: Pigment and Pattern

Installation view with Josette Urso, left, and Jackie Tileston, right, in foreground; David Collins in the distance

I'm hoping to get to see Super Saturated: Pigment and Pattern at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York later this summer. But just in case I don't, I'm posting a few pictures to tempt you to go if you are anywhere near Auburn, which is near Rochester, in the Finger Lakes region of the state. The show is up now through August 19. These photos are courtesy of the institution, sent to each exhibiting artist by the curator.

Super Saturated is curated by Kenise Barnes, director of the gallery that bears her name in Larchmont, New York. (Note: I'm also in a show there now, Rolling in the Deep, through July 19). Super Saturated includes gallery artists as well as others whose work fits the theme--a theme I might add, which is near and dear to my esthetic heart. Some are artists I've shown with in the past (Mary Judge, Michael Knutson, Laura Watt) or curated into shows of my own (Barbara Ellmann) or all of the above (Laura Moriarty), or that I'm thrilled to be showing with (that would be everyone here) but especially Gabe Brown and Jackie Tileston, whose saturation and pattern I always find retinally thrilling.

I'll post more later this summer if I get to view the exhibition myself, so here let me just show you a few views, with additional images taken from the PDF catalog of the show.

Josette Urso, Pineflow, 2011, paper collage on paper

David Collins,  What We Bring With Us, 2012, acrylic on linen 

Installation view with Collins and  Margaret Lanzetta on the
L-wall; Barbara Ellmann in the distance; and Tileston on the foreground wall

Margaret Lanzetta, Quartz Site, 2011, oil and acrylic on panel 

 Installation view with Laura Moriarty sculptures in foreground; Ellmann and Cristi Rinklin on the far walls; a glimpse of Stephen Grossmann paintings in the gallery to the right

Cristi Rinklin, Arcadia, 2009, oil on dibond

Laura Moriarty, Seafloor Spreading, 2012, encaustic on panel

 Installation view with Stephen Grossman, Joanne Mattera, Laura Watt, Mary Judge

  Joanne Mattera, Vicolo 42, 2008, encaustic on panel

Stephen Grossman, Luftmensch 2, 2012, acrylic on linen

Laura Watt, Clown Tears, 2011, oil on canvas

Mary Judge, Untitled (Red), 2011, powdered pigment on paper

Back to this installation again so that we can look into the wing on the left. Use Laura Moriarty's sculptures at left to orient you in the image below

Moriarty sculptures in foreground; Rinklin on left wall, Michael Knutson on the right; middle distance: Gabe Brown on left, Knutson on right 

 Michel Knutson, Bipolar Ovoid Coils, 2011, oil on canvas

Gabe Brown, Pink Moon, 2011, oil on canvas on panel


Eva said...

Yes yes yes! So nice to see PDXer Michael Knutson!

Nancy Natale said...

Great work! What a wonderful group of artists. Congratulations to all and especially to Kenise for her selections! Thanks for posting this more expanded view of the show, Joanne.

annell4 said...

Beautiful post!

Christine Sauer said...

I really enjoyed seeing this gorgeous colorful work(right up my alley) and discovering artists that are new to me! Nice variety. Thanks for sharing!

Lynda Cole said...

Thanks for this Joanne. I'll be able to see this when I journey to Kingston in August. This show is up a nice long time.

Pinnacles day tour said...

That is really great. Thanks for sharing it.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Beautiful collection of work! The Schweinfurth does a great job of presenting work. Love the PDF catalog.