Fair Game: More Painting at More Fairs

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Painting in the Big Box

  Above, Miami Project: center right, Baker Overstreet at Fredericks & Freiser, New York City

Below, Art Miami: William Conger at Zolla/Lieberman, Chicago

In this post we visit Art Miami, Aqua Art, Context, Miami Project, Pulse and Untitled for a look at a range of paintings. If there's one thing I could say about painting at the fairs is that there's no one direction. It's probably more skewed to abstraction, but perhaps that's my own bias. Still, as I mentioned in the previous post, I tried to step outside my comfort zone to show you as wide a range as possible. In posts later this week and through the end of the month, I'll have a short report on small paintings, and I'll give you a taste of the materiality I saw--wax, textile materials, foam, stuff of all kinds--along with some of the quirky elements that popped up. Brains, for instance. And something I saw more of than at other fairs: installations of multiples. But let me offer this caveat: Any coverage of any fair--and especially many of them taking place simultaneously--is a job for many critics and commenters, so I urge you to read up: The New York Times, The Art Newspaper, Hyperallergic, Art Fag City, and anything else that seems pertinent. OK, allons-y.

Seven: Fabian Marcaccio at Bravin Lee Programs, New York City
Pulse: Manuel Ocampo at Conrads, Dusseldorf
Miami Project: Pamela Jorden paintings, Kirk Stoller sculpture at Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco

Pulse: Heather Gwen Martin painting, Margie Livingston painting block (you'll see this large in a bit) at Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles

Art Miami: Jonathan Meese at Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
Pulse: David Klamen at Mark Moore Gallery, Culver City, California

Above and below, Untitled: Jeffrey Kessel at Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York City

Miami Project: Loren Munk, Four Art Movements, at Daniel Weinstein Gallery, Los Angeles.
This painting was high up on the wall, so in the absense of external cues to scale, let me tell you that it's 48 x 52 inches 
Context: Ron Gorchov at Galerie Richard, Paris and New York

 Miami Project: Marcelyn McNeil painting, Ted Larsen sculpture at Conduit Gallery, Dallas

NADA: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago 

Miami Project: Peter Opheim, Chuck Webster at Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston
Aqua Art: Michael Snodgrass painting at Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.

Miami Project: Monique Prieto at Acme, Los Angeles

Seven: Fabrian Marcassio at Bravin Lee Projects, New York City
Detail below


Above and below, Pulse: Ralph Fleck at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London


Aqua Art: Yolanda Sanchez at Kathryn Markel Fine Art, New York City

Pulse: Anoka Faruqee at Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco and New York
Art Miami: Thomas Downing,  Untitled, 1962, at Yared Art Projects, Santa Fe

Miami Project: Paul Feeley at Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York City

Above an below, Pulse:  Kim McConnell at Rosamund  Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica


Art Miami: Sarah Morris at Armand Bartos Fine Art, New York City

Context: Rex Ray at Kit Schulte Contemporary Art, Berlin

 Untitled: Jeffrey Gibson at Marc Straus Gallery, New York City
Closer view below  

 NADA: Matt Connors at Canada, New York City

 Pulse: Russell Maltz at Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart

Above and below: Untitled: Katinka Pilscheur, top, and Arne Schreiber


Untitled: Rowan Wood at Steve Turner Contemporary
Closer view below

Seven: Ken Weathersby at Pierogi, Brooklyn

NADA: Mark Hagen at International Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles
Project: Don Voisine and Christian Maychak at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco
 NADA: Abrams at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York City
Detail below


NADA: Douglas Melini at Feature, Inc., New York City
Detail below


Above and below, Untitled: Hansjoerg Doblier at Johannes Vogt Gallery

Closer view below


Aqua Art: Patty Cateura at Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn

Pulse: Markus Weggenmann at Ftc.
Art Miami:  Francesca Sutil at Nohra haime, New York City

Miami Project: Clare Rojas paintings, Annabeth Rosen sculptures at Galery Paule Anglim, San Francisco
NADA: Sarah Braman at International Art Objects, Los Angeles

Miami Project: Whitfield Lovell at DC Moore Gallery, New York City
Aqua: Mary Jarvis at Gallery 300., Santa Rose
Notice the little wood theme in this segment?

Pulse: Margie Livingston painting, rolled and cut like lumber at Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles

 Untitled: Jason Middlebrook at Kristin Dodge, New York City
Installation view below

Another Middlebrook with painted detail below


Untitled:  Melanie Daniel Paintings and Gudmundur Thoroddsen sculpture at Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York City

Pulse: Alyse Rosner at Rick Wester Fine Art, New York City
Detail below

Art Miami: Alfred Leslie collage at Allan Stone Gallery, New York City

Pulse: Freddy Chandra, Bill Thompson at Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York City

Untitled: Ian Hughes at Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York City

Above and below, Miami Project: Jaq Chartier at Platform Gallery, Seattle


NADA: Max Brand at Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt

NADA: Sarah Dwyer at Josh Lilley, London

NADA: Despina Stokou at Derek Eller

Pulse: Andrew Millner at Ellen Miller Gallery, Boston
Detail below

Pulse: Antonio Santin at Marc Straus Gallery, New York City
Detail below

Untitled: Gereon Krebber at Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York City
Detail below with a material note: This sculptural paintings is made from layers of packing tape whose surface has been worked with a heat gun


Untitled: Hector Arce Espasas at (Art) Amalgamated
Detail below with a material note: The paint is pigmented clay on canvas


NADA:  Freddie Brice at Kerry Schuss, New York City
And one last one. Though I don't  have much figurative or representational painting to show you, this one was haunting and lovely. (Just pay no attention to the title.)

Context: Lezley Saar, Suicidal Melancholia, at Merry Karnowsky Gallery


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WOW! You deserve a medal for photographing all that, keeping the names straight and putting it up for us to enjoy.

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(One small correction, it's Fabian Marcaccio at BravinLee, not Fabrian Marcassio.)

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