Postcard From Miami

Apartment courtyard on the way to the Convention Center which houses Art Basel Miami Beach

MIAMI--I'm here, looking and photographing. As I do every year, I'll write a series of posts on my return, treating the coverage in a more magazine-style way with connect-the-dots overviews rather than in bloggy day-by-day chunks. (For some great bloggy chunks, check out Hyperallergic.)

If you are in Miami tomorrow, Saturday the 8th, meet me at Art Miami for a Blogger's Walk through of the fair. David Cohen, publisher/editor of artcritical, will join me. We've got a nice little tour planned. Specifics on sidebar right.

Now, with umbrella, five spare camera batteries, two extra flash cards, and my feet padded for a third day of 10-hour of looking, I'm off.

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india flint said...

10 hours on foot? that would be industrial strength padding, methinks