Fair Game: Small Works in a Big Week

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NADA: Peter Williams at Foxy Production, New York City

Big paintings really did make an impact at the fairs, but it's eminently worth noting that there were a lot of strong small paintings and works on paper at the fairs. You saw a few already--Howard Hodgkin, Imi Knoebel, Kenneth Noland and Leslie Wayne at the Big Box; Don Voisine and Alfred Leslie at More Fairs. But in this post I want to focus exclusively on the smaller work during the big week.

After several days of the big picture, small was a welcome change of pace. I appreciated the opportunity to alter my physical relationship to the work--closer, slower, more intimate. The materials and expression are varied, but something many works have in common is the installation in multiple. It's an effective visual format with small works. And it's effective logistically as well. "I shipped my entire booth in boxes via Fed Ex," confided one dealer.

We open with the famous Seven wall, an amalgam of seven galleries' artists. I wouldn't even begin to try to document it, but you can see a few more images on Seven website.

Seven: The fabulous wall of art. Click pic to enlarge
From the wall: Sarah Walker
 Seven: Nancy Lorenz at Winkleman Gallery, New York City

Each of these is mother-of-pearl, gold leaf, resin and pigment on panel

Above and below: Nancy Lorenz


Aqua Art: Deanna Lee at Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn

Aqua Art: Chase Langford at Susan Ely Fine Art, New York City

Aqua Art: Sara Bright at George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco/Los Angeles

Closer views of each painting

Aqua Art: John Zinsser at George Lawson Gallery
Closer view below


Aqua Art: And a trifecta for George Lawson Gallery!
These four paintings by Jacobb Melchi
Closer view below


NADA: Yui Yaegashi at Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
Closer view below

Pulse: Richard Roth at Tomlinson Kong Contemporary

Art Miami: Alan McCollum at Armand Bartos Fine Art, New York City
NADA: Michelle Grabner at Green Gallery, Milwaukee
Closer view on one work below (I'm pretty sure it's silverpoint)


Miami Project: Andrew Masullo at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco

Miami Project: Andrew Masullo at Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles

And a trifecta for Andrew Masullo. Here, at NADA at Feature, Inc., New York City.
Painting in foreground by Todd Chilton

Pulse: Pius Fox at unidentified gallery
Closer view below

Art Miami: Artist who identifies as Ohne Titel (Untitled) at Aureus Contemporary, Providence. Closer view below
 Untitled: Fiona Curran at Carslaw St. Lukes
Closer view below


Miami Project: Jered Sprecher at Gallery 16, San Francisco
Closer view below


Aqua Art: Julie Alpert at Soil Gallery, Seattle
Closer view below

NADA: Dave Miko at Real Fine Arts, Brooklyn
Closer view below


Context: Andrea Way at Curator's Office, Washington, DC
Closer view below

Art Miami:Carolo Rojas at Durban Segnini, Miami
Installation shot, above; closer view below

Art Miami: Alicia Villarreal at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago
Closer views above and below

More views above and below

NADA: Bret Slater at Elaine Levy Project, Brussels
Closer view below


NADA: Imi Knoebel paintings and works on paper at New Galerie, Paris

NADA: Fergus Feehily at Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne

Closer views above and below

Pulse: Sandra Vasquez de la Hoprra at Galeria Senda, Barcelona

Closer views above and below


Context: Aime Mpane at Nomab Gallery, Brussels
Closer view below


Miami Project: Laurina Paperina at Fouladi Projects, San Francisco

Above and below, Aqua Art: Edward Del Rosario at Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.

These quirky little vignettes, which seemed so odd early in the week, made perfect sense after five 10-hour days of art viewing


Oriane Stender said...

preuropWonderful post! Inspiring work. Thanks.

Tamar said...

There is so much to look that I am (nearly) without words.
Jacobb Melchi.....Yui Yaegashi.....Pius Fox......Jered Sprecher . . . . and so many other beautiful paintings. I'm going to spend a lot of time on this post.

julia schwartz said...

A fantastic post, Joanne, and what a wonderful and inspiring collection of works. They are like glittering jewels for the walls. Now I just want to get into my own studio.

Nancy Natale said...

Wow, so much to see. It's hard to absorb it all even from this vantage point. I can't imagine what it's like when everything is all around you. Some really great stuff there. Thank you, Joanne.

Julian Jackson said...

bright, portable, desirable, affordable what's not to like? hope the collectors were taking home bags full.

Anonymous said...

Your postings have been just wonderful. Thanks.
Annette Kearney

David A. Clark said...

Many Googlings came from this post. Love the work of Bret Slater, Sara Bright, Pius Fox and Jered Sprecher.

lisa said...

YES!!! thanks

Deanna Lee said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your hard work and for including 2 of my paintings in this post!

I am the "Artist unidentified" who made the small square paintings on the left side of the photo at Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn, at Aqua Art.

- Deanna Lee

Unknown said...

Great post! I enjoyed your selections. The small artworks were much harder to "see", given the vast amount of art presented in the Miami fairs. Thanks for taking the time to notice and to share with your readers.