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A preemptive strike with toe donuts: This is how I girded for battle each morning. Five days of walk, walk, walking and not one blister

MIAMI--I left the NADA fair at 6:00 this evening just as it was closing, the last fair of the weekend to do so. I clocked about 48 hours of fair time. Now I begin the job of editing some 5000 images. I'll begin serious posting on Tuesday. I'm still thinking about how to proceed.

If you wanted painting, sculpture and installation, you would not have been disappointed as there was plenty of it to see. If you wanted Asian Art, Middle Eastern Art, prints and design, there were fairs devoted specifically to those specialties. With Photo Miami cancelled this year, photography was folded into the other fairs and it held its own. I'll have plenty of everything to show you in the coming days.

While each venue has a distinct personality and a place within the fair hierarchy, several trends cut across the  lines.
. Books made a huge--I mean HUGE--appearance. Paintings, prints and drawings of book; photographs and videos of books; altered books, book objects, and sculptures with and of books. Trees were the big trend last year; I suppose there's a certain logic in books this year
. Threads, stitching, fabric. If you have followed my fair reports from previous years, you know that I've written about this category before, but there seemed to be even more this year
. Money. I saw "sex" once, but references to currency were everywhere. There were plenty of red dots. Hmm. Collectors using money to buy art about money
. Shine, glitter and reflective surfaces. This has always been so, for in a sea of art, the biggest, brightest and shiniest always stands out. There just seemed to be a bit more this time around
. And, of course, there was trash. This year's "Art or Trash" post promises to be a good one. Art professionals that you are, prepare to be challenged.
. There's more. I'm just too fried to pull it out of my brain at the moment.

OK, gotta go pack. More soon.


Stephanie Sachs said...

Smart move with the feet. It reminded me about how much mine ached from blisters at the end of the fair last year. Look forward to seeing what you show us.

annell4 said...

So glad no blisters! Can't wait for your next post!

Nancy Natale said...

Joanne, I'm glad the donuts did the trick and you survived the experience. I'm looking forward to seeing all 5000 of those pix! Welcome home.

(My word verification word

mile dit)

harold hollingsworth said...

So glad to have found your blog, wonderful observations, insights and images, looking forward to continued watching!

Anonymous said...

Love the feet; smart lady.