Fair Enough: A Peek at Art Miami . . .

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Two views of the fair

This is a quickie just to pique your interest. I'll be back soon with more. Much more. Art Miami takes place under a very large tent. We're not talking camping, but a structure that just happens to be made of more pliable stuff than conventional building materials. What I like about the material is that it's sort of translucent, so there's a suggestion of daylight--something that's missing at the Convention Center. When you spend the better part of your day indoors, daylight is welcome.  

The floor plan:  Art Miami is second in size only to the behemoth at the Convention Center, weighing in with over 100 galleries. Looking at this you may think you could breeze through, but you would be wrong 

 View down one of the aisles, with Galerie Renate Bender, Berllin, left

View into the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York and elsewhere

View into Art Nouveau, Maracaibo and Miami 

Love this one: the Charlotte Jackson Gallery, Santa Fe

Douglas Dawson Gallery, Chicago

David Lusk Gallery, Memphis
That's Greely Myatt's assemblaged metal "quilt"

More soon . . .

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