Fair Enough: Color and Geometry

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Poul Gernes at Bjerrggard Gallery, Copenhagen; ABMB

Art Basel Miami Beach is is set up with long aisles containing booth after booth. The saturated color and bold shapes of geometric abstraction are as effective as neon in drawing attention to a gallery

Remember the story in the news some years ago about a man who lived in an airport? He couldn’t go back to his country, but the U.S. wouldn’t let him in. That's how I feel.  I’ve been living in the Miami Convention Center all month with side trips to the various other venues. Every day since I got back from the actual fairs I’ve been walking the aisles and peering into the booths, folder after folder, click after click. I have viewed each of 5000 images dozens of times.  

Specific themes may change from year to year—last year it was trees, remember?—but the geometry of line and curve is a constant. That’s the topic of this post. It’s the last of the curated posts. The next and final one, which I’ll post tomorrow, is the Wrapup. After that I’m going to take the rest of the year off.

Installation view at Gary Snyder Projects, New York; ABMB
I'm starting this post with vintage geometric abstraction. Yes, I know these galleries are in the business of selling art, but they also create a historical context for the contemporary work we see

Above: Sven Lukin, 1964. The perspective in the installation shot is misleading; this painting is about 12 x 12 inches
Below: Howard Mehring, 1966

Another great installation, here with masters of Minimalism, at Nyehaus/Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York; ABMB
From left above: Jo Baer, John McCracken, John McLaughlin

Closer view of the John McLaughlin 

Above: Jo Baer at Nyehaus/Parrasch with a corner detail below

Below: Baer at Greenberg Van Doren, also at ABMB, with a work from 1968-69 (just visible is the Robert Morris felt work shown in High Fiber, Part 2)

More of less: Installation above and below at Matthew Marks Gallery, New York; ABMB

Above: Ellsworth Kelly painting; two Anne Truitt columns
Below: another view of the Truitts

Wall installation at Galerie Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo; ABMB

Imi Knoebel in a dedicated space at Grasslin/Nagel, Frankfurt; ABMB
Below: My favorite of the three works

Installation at Team Gallery, New York; ABMB

Above: Cory Archangel unique c-print and undulating sculpture
Below: Stanley Whitney painting and another view of the sculpture

Sherrie Levine at Mary Boone Gallery, New York; ABMB
The installation shots give you a sense of scale so that I don't have to note dimensions in the captions

Below: closeup of one work, which is velvety casein on wood.

Frank Stella at Van De Weghe, New York; ABMB
Work shown is from 1977 (also in the frame: Calder mobile and Judd wall sculpture)

A Josef Albers Homage to the Square, 1961, at Helly Nahmad Gallery, New York; ABMB

Installation view, from the outside wall of the booth looking in, of Kenneth Noland paintings (with Anthony Caro sculptures) at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York; ABMB

Above and below: additional views

Rivane Neuenschwander painting, app 11 inches high, at Stephen Friedman, London; ABMB

Bridget Riley,Chant, 1967, at Aquavella Galleries, New York; ABMB
Detail below

Thomas Glassford at Sicardi Gallery, Houston; ABMB
Those verticals? Broomsticks

Daniel Buren at Xavier Hufken, Bruxelles; ABMB

Sarah Morris at White Cube, London; ABMB

Chris Johanson painting, 58 x 66 inches, at Altman Siegel, San Francisco; NADA

Chris Gallagher at McKenzie Fine Art, New York; Aqua Art

Bernd Ribbeck at Galerie Kamm, Berlin; ABMB
Installation view, above, with closeup below

Small work (by Chris Duncan?) at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco; Aqua Art

I was struck by the references to color systems, especially color wheels, at the fairs this year (I brake for color wheels)

Karina Peisajovich showed a fabulous grouping color studies at Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, Miami; ABMB. I braked. Detail below

 Lucas Samaras painting, 1973, at Pace, New York and elsewhere; ABMB

Continuing with circles: Jylian Gustlin assemblace of stitched rubber at Stephanie Breitbard Gallery, Mill Valley, California; Aqua Art

Gunther Uecker nail painting, 1970, at Galerie Thomas, Munich; ABMB
Detail below

Anich Kapoor reticulated disc about six feet in diameter at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York; ABMB

Alicia McCarthy at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York; NADA
Megan Whitmarsh at Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco; Aqua
Detail above; full view below

Thomas Nozkowski at Pace Gallery, New York and elsewhere; ABMB

Peter Millet at Robischon Gallery, Denver; Aqua Art

Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art, New York; Aqua Art

Cildo Miereles at Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paolo; ABMB

Andrew Bick at Hales Gallery, New York; Seven

Ivin Ballen at Winkleman Gallery, New York; Seven

Leonhard Hurlzmeier at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco; Aqua Art

Derrick Velasquez at Robischon Gallery, Denver; Aqua Art

Ara Peterson at Ratio 3, San Francisco; ABMB

Bridget Riley, recent painting, at Pace; ABMB

Pedro Reyes (I think) at Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paolo; ABMB

Ted Larsen at Robischon Gallery, Denver; Aqua Art

Richard Purdy at Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York; Art Miami
Detail below

Fanny Senin at Durban Segnini Gallery, Miami; Art Miami

Joe Fyfe at Graham Gallery, New York; Art Miami

Imi Knoebel at Sabine Knust, Munich; ABMB

Joanne Mattera at Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson; Aqua Art
(Yes, moi)

Dan Flavin at Nyehaus/Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York; ABMB

Paulo Pasta at Galeria Millan, Sao Paolo; ABMB

Ronald Davis at Charlotte Jackson Gallery, Santa Fe; Art Miami

Sarah Crowner at Nicelle Beauchene, New York; NADA

Charles Arnoldi at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Santa Fe; Art Miami

Tomorrow: The Wrapup


annell4 said...

My favorite post yet!!! I love it! Especially nice to see your work! Thank you so much. This has been incredible!

Susan Buret said...

Yum, what a feast. thank you Joanne.

Ian MacLeod said...

thank for posting these extraordinary pieces.

I love the Jo Baer with the corner detail, the 3 Imi Knoebel works, the stitched rubber by Jylian Gustlin, Don Voisine grouping (especially the piece in the middle with the aqua bars top and bottom ---- and those Joanne Mattera pieces are wonderful.

kim matthews said...

Yeah yeah! These are fabulous. Grazie, bella!

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Anonymous said...

this is my fave of the miami posts yet - that Jo Baer is a pure piece of heaven

Nancy Natale said...

Excellent! This work is just beautiful. I love all the rich color. Thanks, Joanne!

Richard Bottwin said...

WOW! What a great post! Loved it. It gave me hope that there is some justice in the world (or at least, the art world). The Hurlzmeier was divine and the wall of Voisines was incredible. So few paintings look good stacked up like that, and that installation really sang (your stacked stuff too).
Love ya!

Tamar said...

Beautiful! Love the Andrew Bick and the Sarah Crowner pieces. Thanks again for the wonderful coverage.

peggy said...

In a word...outstanding!

Caroline Roberts said...

Fascinating and beautiful!

I love those color wheels too, I'd have been braking right alongside you.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage as usual! Thanks for taking the time to document the fairs for those of us who didn't make it this year.

The shot labeled "Barry McGee at Ratio 3" is actually an Ara Peterson. :)

Joanne Mattera said...

Ara Peterson it is! Thanks for letting mt know.