Fair Enough: Really Reductive

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I'm offering you this bare-bones post while I prepare two biggies and the Wrapup. Using my yardstick of Two's a coincidence, three's a trend, this reductiveness to the extreme would appear to be a bit of a trend.  Take a look:

Artist at Kaufmann Repetto, Milan; ABMB

Paul Lee at Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London; ABMB
Detail below

Jill Sylvia at Eleanor Harwood, San Francisco; Aqua Art
Every since I came across Sylvia's work at Aqua Art a few years ago, I look forward to what she has to show. This year in addition to her filigreed ledger paper, she's gone architectural, below:

Diana Molzan at the Rubell Family Collection; the work is about 20 inches long
Detail below 

Pip Culbert at Fouladi Projects, San Francisco; Aqua Art


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Thanks(In keeping with your post.)

ken said...

I like that Diana Molzan.