Some Paintings During Armory Week

 Suzan Frecon at David Zwirner Gallery, New York City; ADAA

There was a lot of interesting painting at the fairs as well as in the galleries. (Sculpture, too.) I'll keep my comments short and show you what I saw. Yes, I'm drawn to geometric, minimal and chromatic, but over the next few posts you'll see a range of esthetic and material expression. Here it includes the mineral pigments of Suzan Frecon, to the egg tempera and gold leaf of Mary Obering, to the puddled paint of Ian Davenport, to the fiber-optic fabric of Daniel Buren's sculptural painting.

Installation view: Frecon at Zwirner
If you remember her large red paintings from the Biennial last time around, this scale may surprise you

 Above and below: Frecon at Zwirner

Mary Obering at Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York City; ADAA

 Clint Jukkala at Giampietro Gallery, New Haven; Scope

Ian Davenport, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York City; Armory
Detail below

Odili Donald Odita, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York City; Armory

Pepe Lopez, ArTepuy, Caracas; Scope

Barbara Takenaga, D.C. Moore Gallery, New York City; Armory Modern; detail below

 Philippe Decrauzat, Praz-Delavallade, Paris; Armory

Daniel Buren, Lisson Gallery, London; Armory
Side view below showing the light source

Detail below (of woven fiber-optic threads) 

Coming: More next Wednesday


lucy Mink said...

beautiful selection, great photos,thanks for posting!

Tamar said...

I'm particularly drawn to the small paintings of Suzan Frecon--and curious about her materials. In some of your photos, the surface looks similar to a ceramic glaze. Thanks for posting these.

Tamar said...

The paintings by Frecon in your post have been lingering in my mind, in a good way, and led me to a 2005 interview in the Brooklyn Rail. I really need to spend more time with her work. Thank you, Joanne, for stirring things up for me.