Fair Enough: Doubletake at Art Miami

Hugo Lugo oil-on-canvas painting at Ginocchio Gallery, Mexico city

Painting turned toward the wall at Mike Weiss Gallery, New York City


Tamar said...

I see the cut out and folded canvas in front of the Hugo Lugo slashed painting-- has it been placed in a plexi box? So which one is art? Or is it the looseleaf paper painting on the wall next to the Lugo? Almost seems like an add on to your trash-or-art post.

Unknown said...

Joanne, I'm really enjoying your coverage of ABMB and feeling the holiday spirit, am going right to PayPal to show my appreciation !! Happy Holidays!!

Joanne Mattera said...

Jane: you made my holiday a little bit brighter. Thank you.

Tamar: The top painting is a "trump loy," as a student once described the genre. That slashed painting is actually a whole painting, rendered to appear as if the strainers are showing. But you are most observant in seeing a painting in the plexi box. It's called "Tercer paisaje robado"--Third Stolen Landscape. A doubletake on the doubletake.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Thank you Joanne for your very thorough and wonderful capture of the Fairs in Miami.
I was only there for two days and missed so much, but looking at your pictures help remind me of some of what I did see and helps me to know much more of what was going on.

Meredith Kuntzsch said...

Thanks for the peek into the shows, Joan. I wish I could have made it there myself, so your posts are very much appreciated! Great always.